The Sacrament of Confirmation

The Sacrament of Confirmation is the rite by which we make a mature profession of our faith before the Bishop and take on responsibility for our faith and membership in the Church. Since we become full members of Christ’s body and the Church through our baptism, confirmation is a strengthening of the gifts given to us in baptism so that we can enter into our vocation, our calling, as Christians to lead others into the fullness of a holy, catholic, and apostolic faith.

Candidates are prepared for confirmation by a series of classes each Spring. Each candidate should be of such maturity as to be able to make meaningful vows, the minimum age we recommend is fifteen, but pastoral exceptions may be allowed for youth ages 12 to 14, but no younger than 12. Individual pastoral exceptions should be approved by the Vestry in advance.  The candidate must be a regular participant in the life, worship, education, and outreach of St. Barnabas.

Those interested in being confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church, should contact Mother Meredith.