The Sacrament of Baptism

Baptism is one of the seven sacraments of the Church.  In Baptism, we are joined to Christ in his death and resurrection and made members of his body the Church.  A period of preparation precedes baptism:  for adults, this preparation lasts several weeks; for infants and young children, the class meets following the 10 AM service three Sundays prior to the baptism and lasts approximately 45 minutes.  At this class, you will learn all about the sacrament itself, have the opportunity to ask questions about the baptismal liturgy and, and learn ways you to incorporate the faith into your family life.  Adults are often baptized at the Easter Vigil, a liturgy held on the evening before Easter Day.

Baptisms are scheduled on certain Sundays (and other Holy Days during the Church year) which are designated by the Book of Common Prayer and diocesan policy as appropriate for the celebration of Holy Baptism.  A schedule of these baptismal dates is published one year in advance and is listed below.  To learn more about this sacrament or to schedule a baptism, please contact Mother Meredith Kefauver Olsen and complete a baptismal information form, which can be downloaded through the link below.

2020 Baptismal Dates: (all baptisms at 10:00 AM unless otherwise noted)

  • January 12, 2020 (Baptism of our Lord)
  • April 11, 2020 (Easter Vigil, 8 PM)
  • May 31, 2020 (Pentecost)
  • November 1, 2020 (All Saints)

Scheduling a Baptism

To schedule a baptism, please begin by speaking first with Mother Meredith and completing the baptismal information form (at bottom of page). This form should be completed at least one month in advance of the desired baptismal date so that the certificates, baptismal towel, and other items may be prepared for the candidate. Once we have your completed baptismal information form, we can place you on the parish calendar.


A baptismal class is held for the candidate (and parents) three Sundays prior to the baptismal date, generally. This date may be adjusted from time to time based on holiday schedules. If you cannot attend the class, Mother Meredith will be happy to meet with you individually at a time convenient for you. It’s preferable that the class be completed two weeks prior to the baptism.

Adult candidates for baptism require a longer preparation period and that schedule can be discussed with Mother Meredith. Adult baptisms are especially appropriate for the Easter Vigil (the Saturday before Easter).


Godparents must be baptized Christians active in a church community, and it’s helpful if they are from a liturgical church so that they have an understanding of the promises they are making. You can have as many Godparents as you’d like. If they are unable to be present for the baptism, we will give you the Godparent certificates for you to send to them.

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