About Us

St. Barnabas is a parish of the Episcopal Church. The American member of the Anglican Communion, the Episcopal Church was created by former members of the Church of England in the Colonies after the Revolutionary War. Our worship is liturgical, meaning that we use a structured pattern of prayers, hymns, and Scriptures, set forth by our Book of Common Prayer–it is similar to Roman Catholic worship if that is an experience you have had before. Unlike the Roman Catholic Church, however, we ordain married clergy, and women–like our own rector, Mother Meredith. Furthermore, we welcome all baptized Christians to receive communion with us in our services.

Our original parish, Holy Trinity, has been an Episcopal presence in the Sykesville area since 1771; the current building was built in 1850. Our long history is important because it shows that we have deep roots in the Sykesville and Eldersburg communities. Whether you and your kin are new to the area or have also been here for centuries, we’d love to have you come and worship with us!