Summer Pantry Project Collection through July 1st

Message from Jill Singleton: It’s summer time (yay!), and time for our Summer Pantry Project. We support three struggling families four times a year with groceries and store gift cards. One family is an older recently-widowed woman with many health problems. Another is a divorced mother with three teenagers, while the third is a single/divorced mother with three younger children. The older woman needs low-sodium, low-sugar items. Food and donations will be collected through Sunday, July 1st. Please use the chart below as a guide, but all donations will be gladly accepted. If you would like to contribute toward the purchase of fresh food and gift cards for the families, please give cash donations to Jill Singleton, Barbara Reynolds, or Aaron Ellis, or write a check to St. Barnabas with Pantry Project on the memo line. Thank you in advance for helping to care for these families.

A,B,C Laundry or bath soap, toothpaste, shampoo, all-purpose cleaners/supplies
D,E,F,G Canned tomato products, pastas, cookies, crackers
H,I,J,K Toilet paper, paper towels, dish detergent
L,M,N Cereal, oatmeal, coffee, tea, hot chocolate
O,P,Q,R,S Dried potatoes, canned tuna/chicken
T,U,V Beans, canned fruit/vegetables, peanut butter, jellies
W,X,Y,Z Soup, rice, condiments, sugar, deodorants